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How Long is TOO Long?

How many times is too many times to forgive?  Sure, God’s grace and forgiveness lasts until we take our last breath, but it’s not eternal. If it were, that would mean that everyone would spend eternity in Heaven because His grace and mercy to all, would continue on.

But, in the after life, it will come down to me and Him, face to face.  He will say, “..well done, good and faithful servant,” or, “depart from Me, I never knew you.”  It’s the moment when He says, “Ok, what did you do with the grace, mercy and forgiveness that I extended to you?”  From that point on on, for eternity, you reap the answer to that question.  If you rejected it, He cuts you off from His grace and mercy.  If you lived your life loving and serving Him by extending the same grace, forgiveness and mercy to others, He welcomes you into His place where you will behold unimaginable treasures, riches, rewards, adventures, fun, joy… the Place  where His love continues.  This place is the pinnacle of His grace, the mountaintop.

So just as sin ruled over all people and brought them to death, now God’s wonderful grace rules instead, giving us right standing with God and resulting in eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord.
May God’s grace be eternally upon all who love our Lord Jesus Christ.
Because of his grace he declared us righteous and gave us confidence that we will inherit eternal life.

Because I know that I live to serve Him, I can’t wait to hear Him welcome me in.  From that point on, I will reap the eternal blessings of accepting His forgiveness and grace here on earth, in this life.

So, the original question….how long is too long for me?  When is enough, enough?   Yes, I have all of my life to offer all of this to someone.  It’s nothing compared to what God has done for me, I get that.  However, is there a point that what you have with someone dies?

I love, I have decided to continue loving, forgiving, trying, surrendering it to God.  But what if….after all that, it brings out the worst in you, what if you are lonely, what if it has held back your dreams, your potential….?

So, if I give continuous love, grace, and forgiveness to someone and they don’t accept or appreciate it, instead they squander it, they use it, they trample on it, what am I to do?

Should I be so bold to cut them off as He will do with those that have rejected Him?

This is the question of my life.

Need You Now (How Many Times) by Plumb:  The song of my heart at this time in my life. 

Surrounded by songs of deliverance,


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So, I’m ready to start….



How do I know that I’m ready?  I’m at the starting line!   I’ve been walking towards this starting line for quite some time, not always on a straight path, but I could always see it from a distance. I’m finally here. What words come to my mind? “Hello Beastie.” Jack Sparrow in Pirates of the Caribbean II. He comes face to face with the Kraken. He then draws his sword and leaps towards the beast, head on.  I love it!  He knows he’s going to the “land of the dead,” but not without a fight.  He ends up destroying the great monster of the sea, but starts going mad from the solitary confinement of Davy Jones’ locker. His friends don’t leave him there, though.  He is rescued, brought back to life.

I am an English teacher.  A closet writer.  I make word pictures in my mind as I attempt to explain the musings of my heart and spirit.  I love stories, metaphors, analogies….anything that goes deep into what truly defines the soul of a matter. Therefore, bear with me as I equate my spiritual life to the terrifyingly awesome adventures of Jack Sparrow:

“Beastie”: the giant that must be destroyed in your life; the one that keeps you from truly living,

“Davy Jones’ locker”:  the place where you must die to yourself, be confronted with yourself and sometimes feel all alone,

“Friend that doesn’t leave you there, rescues you and brings you back to life”:  Jesus

My “Beastie”, however,  is more like this mountain of monumental proportions. I’m at the foot of this mountain. It almost looks like an actually foot, ready to squash me. But, I have every piece of equipment needed to climb this “behemoth.” I have my nourishment (God’s word), I have knowledge (a couple bookshelves-worth), and the “need” (a couple decades-worth.)

Guess what my mountain’s name is: Mount Forgiveness. My apologies for sounding all “Pilgrim’s Progress,” but it’s what I see when I close my eyes and realize that forgiving=true freedom. I saw it from far away, but I didn’t believe it was in my path, I’ve never had a problem with forgiving.  But now, I can’t see the top or where it ends on either side.  Pretty scary.  I know that I will die, but I have the promise of a new life on the other side.

Here’s the thing though…I’ve been traveling some pretty strenuous terrain thus far, so I am in no mood to climb this mountain. I’m plumb tired. (Where does that expression come from I’ve always wanted to know…..) Did I even spell it right?
Obviously, I can get pretty side-tracked. This will be a problem as I attempt to reach the other side of Mount “I don’t want to do this.”

So, I’m starting this blog as my journey up this mountain.  Not solely a blog, but a devotional; a testament to my God and myself that, for Him, I will climb. If I don’t do this, I will cease to truly live.  I think that an actual, physical mountain might even be less difficult in comparison to the thick bosque of a hurting heart.  So one of my weapons of choice is the “pen.”  In this case, the keyboard, but I’m old-school, so it will always be the “pen” to me.

Now, because I think in “music,”  I experience God through music; I sing to Him, and He sings to me, my devotions have to be musical.  I don’t know what comes first the song or the thought, but I when I choose the songs that I link the devotions to, I know that He predestines them for me, for you.

“By day the LORD directs his love, at night His song is with me— a prayer to the God of my life.”  Psalm 42:8

Surrounded by songs of deliverance, (Psalm 38)


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