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My Superhero can beat yours!

on July 23, 2013
photo credits: clker.com

photo credits: clker.com

I know without a doubt that I have countless blessings.  However, I have terrible misfortune when it comes to cops, tickets and car mishaps.  It was Friday afternoon, I was driving up to size the kids for their new school uniforms, then take them to their friends’ houses.  We grabbed lunch and as we’re eating in the car talking and laughing, the car blew a tire (on the highway) and started to swerve out of control.  In an instant, I remembered learning that you are supposed to let go of the accelerator, then tightly grab the steering wheel and brake.  Well, I did this and the car did a 180 to the side of the highway and almost flipped!  So scary…..!  That’s never happened to me before.

All of the possible “what could’ve happen” scenarios start having their way with my mind and emotions.

Not too many people can say “I had a near-death experience…”  But really, we can all say it.  Anything can happen at any moment.  Everyday is a near death experience….we live in a world filled with illness, accidents, negligence and lost people who take lives without a second thought.

It can be depressing, except that I  know who holds this world.  Except, that I  have a superhero that conquers all…..why do I forget so quickly?

So, the next day, I was still replaying the events in my head when I heard “I AM” by Mercy Me and God said quite a few things to me through these lyrics:  “Denise, I AM everything; I AM time encompassing all of your day; I AM in control; I AM present and care about every detail of your life; I AM sovereign and hold life and death in My hands; I AM the one who writes your testimony.  Pheww!

One of the reasons I love this song is because it’s ultrapowerful!   He promises that I have this power because He lives in me.  That blows my mind too often, so I tend to evade this truth.  Maybe because I grew up in a “Christian” environment that didn’t teach us about the Holy Spirit.  But, I can attest to a handful of times that I fully embraced that truth and was in touch with the Spirit in me, not just beside me.  There are no words in the spoken or written language that can justify a description.

I will try: “no fear, purity, strength, confidence, clean, and one-with-Him.” (but a few….)

Why don’t I embrace this truth everyday, every moment in order to BE that new creation; the best version of me….. instead of just DOING the right things? I don’t know.  I need to discover the answer to that question……

“..surrounded by songs of deliverance…”


P.S. My superhero made this: Majestic & Powerful alongside Pure & Gentle: His creation reflects who He is:  The Great I AM

Photo credits: lieke_vssr

Photo credits: lieke_vssr


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